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CV Writing

First impressions count!

We have set out some helpful hints below on how to create your own CV.  However, we do offer help with this process from registration, we will give you honest advice and where necessary, constructive criticism in order to achieve the best result for you. 

A CV should be well presented and accurate in order to reflect your experience and achievements.  It should however allow room for some discussion at interview.  Remember, whilst this is a history of your work life and skills, it is not an autobiography!

You should include the following details:-

Personal Details – Name, address and at least one form of contact e.g. e-mail or mobile number.  (Remember giving a work telephone number or e-mail address may not be appropriate at this stage).  

Education/Qualifications - Dates, establishment attended qualification achieved.  Any associations you may be a member of may be listed in this section too.

Key Skills/Achievements - If applying for a specific role, emphasise skills you have that would be relevant to the role.  This section could also include a skills area outlining your computer/I.T. skills and any software/programmes you are familiar with, e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint.  

Personal Profile - a short summary/description of your strengths and overview of your general characteristics.

Career History - from your most recent employment through to your first and this should include the dates of your employment, your employer's name, your current job title and duties/achievements.  State clearly your responsibilities and any contributions, changes or improvements you may have made during your time in each role, including any specialist areas you may have been involved in.  If you had spells of unemployment, explain what you did with your time for example you may have been travelling, working voluntarily or studying.

Your Interests - most candidates like to include their interests, this can add a personal touch and a possible talking point during an interview.  (Remember, suggesting hobbies or interests that are not strictly true could cause embarrassment if picked up on by an interviewer)!

References - Equally references may be added, however, it is equally acceptable to add “references available on request”.

Although these may seem obvious, you should always remember the following points:-

Your CV should be clear and precise i.e. keep descriptions, brief, factual and to the point.  (It should generally not consist of more than 2 or 3 pages).  Spelling and grammar should be checked.  Ensure you do not submit a CV with any spelling errors this will almost certainly undo all the hard work you have put in - there really is no excuse!

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