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I have consistently recruited through, and been recruited by Profile Personnel.

Profile specialise in what we’d call "the right fit" and that’s why they’re our preferred supplier of Shipping staff.

Carefully assessing not only the Client's technical needs but also personal considerations of both the employer and employee.

Professional, personal and considered as THE Shipping recruitment specialist, by those in the know....

James, Import Operations Manager, (Global)

Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Whilst you can never guarantee what will happen on the day, good preparation is essential.

Below are some guides on do's and don'ts. 

Interview Do's

Be Prepared - make sure you know the time, date, location and name of the contact/interviewer.  Find out how you will get to the location and the journey time (allow time for delays!).

Know your CV - an interviewer will generally use your CV as a prompt to find out more about your career, be sure to know what you have written. Be prepared to demonstrate strengths etc mentioned in your CV.

Research your potential employer - gather some information about the organisation via the company's website. This may help you to develop questions that relate specifically to the company and ensure you are ready to answer questions if asked, this is one of the best ways to impress an interviewer, it shows an interest and initiative.

Maintain eye contact - when speaking or being spoken to, this will show confidence and interest.

Be prepared to answer some standard interview questions such as:-

  • Tell me more about yourself?
  • Why do you want this job? 
  • Why do you feel you are suitable for this role?
  • What are your strengths / weaknesses?
  • What has been your biggest success / achievement in your career?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Interview Don'ts

Lie - whilst there may be things you may not want to highlight, you should always answer questions openly and honestly.

Complain about your current employer/boss - it will only show you in a negative light, not your employer.

Answer questions with a Yes or No - where possible, support your answers with relevant information from your experience.

Appear to be nervous – easier said than done. However, try to remain as calm as possible during the interview this will allow the interviewer to concentrate on what you are saying rather than what you are doing.

Interrupt - as this will appear impatient and may seem rude.

Although the following points may seem obvious don't forget to :-

Dress appropriately.
Make sure your mobile phone is switched off!
Thank the interviewer for his/her time.

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