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How to attract and retain talent from new generations

Now of course it’s important not to discriminate against any generation, but to attract candidates from all generations. If you are struggling to attract and retain young new applicants to your business, then take a read. There are two generations we are referring to here, the first being Millennials, these are people born between 1980 and 1995, and Generation Z; people born between 1995 and 2010 – the oldest of which will be leaving university and joining the working world soon. These generations are highly educated, confident and incredibly tech savvy, more than ever before, and these skills are proving to make it a job seekers market. Attracting and retaining this talent can be tricky, particularly with these generation keen to stay with a company no more than two years to gain exposure and experience with other businesses.

Offer appealing benefits – We don’t just mean your bog standard private healthcare and season ticket loans, though these are appealing nonetheless. Attracting young talent into a business means providing benefits that set you out from the crowd. Something a little different – allowing dogs into the workplace, charity days (paid days off to undertake charity work), inspirational funds, fun social events throughout the year.

Flexibility – This is so important, with our lives becoming more and more hectic, fitting in work , friends, family, fitness, mental health, having a career that offers the flexibility to have that work life balance is going to be a major plus to anyone entering the workforce. Flexibility doesn’t just have to be in the hours that employees work, but the location too. Remote working is easier than ever with the advances in communication and technology.

Modern Workplace – This tech savvy generation are accustomed to the latest technology, it’s how they work. Going into a workplace with archaic systems, with outdated hardware, old fashioned décor is not going to attract this new generation. Keeping your workplace up to do date with the latest technology and atmosphere will not only help attract the right talent but will undoubtedly make you more efficient – after all, that’s why this technology now exists.

Social and Environmental Policy – These have become more important than ever. Years ago, these social and environmental factors weren’t something applicants thought about when they were applying for a job. These days, we are all aware of how important it is to be part of the solution and not the problem, and working for someone with the right values is part of this.

Career Ladder and Progression – To retain new talent, you need to offer the progression and experience that drive this generation. Don’t give them a reason to move onto another business, keep challenging them and offering them the progression, both in terms of their career and their skills that they desire.

Recruitment Strategy – Thinking about your recruitment strategy is important when looking for new talent. Millennials are far more likely to job hunt using their mobile phones, so making sure your job is advertised on job boards that are mobile friendly and allowing them to apply directly from their phones is vital.

These tips will help you to recruit talent from both Generation Z and Millennials but of course, thinking about what you are offering your employees will help you to attract talent from all generations, enabling you to have a diverse and talented workforce.

Zara Lilleycrop

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