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Are you a bad boss?

Leadership is something that doesn’t always come naturally to everyone, and it can be easy to find yourself working your way up your career ladder taking on more leadership positions without the training really required to manage others. If you feel like you are muddling your way through your leadership tasks and worry that you are indeed, a bad boss, take a read of this weeks pointers. What are the common mistakes made by those in a leadership role?

Poor communication – Being a good communicator is an essential skill to bring to a leadership role. To be able to communicate effectively with colleagues of all different levels is vital. Having these skills enables managers to be approachable and form good working relationships with those in their team.

Dishonesty and lack of integrity – Throughout our lives, we generally require some really basic traits in those we trust, and honesty has got be up there right at the top of the list. Being able to trust what our boss tells us and not feel like we are being fed empty promises relating to our career is essential to form a strong working relationship. Mistakes happen, “to err is human” as the saying goes, but being honest about those mistakes, or the lack of bonus this year, or about who used the last tea bag makes for a far happier workforce.

Micromanaging – This is a pet hate of most employees I think. Giving employees trust and having faith in their ability to get a task done will absolutely produce the best results, rather than insisting that every part of their role is micromanaged.

Doesn’t lead by example – There is nothing worse than having a boss that insists you work late to get a task done but will quite happily swan off early for a beer or three! Setting a good example to colleagues is really important if they are to full integrate within a time.

Take credit for others work – There is nothing worse than working your backside off and producing something you are really proud, for someone else to take credit for your work. Making sure your team get the credit they deserve is vital.

Lack of appreciation / recognition – Sometimes it can be easy to take colleagues for granted and forget to say thank you. Yes, they might just be doing their job… but it’s common courtesy to show gratitude, and it costs nothing!

Favouritism – Nobody likes working for someone if you show favouritism to certain members of staff not others. I’m not even sure you enjoy it if you are “the favourite”, because let’s be honest, you don’t end up particularly popular with your work colleagues. Treating everyone equally and fairly should be automatic, but of course our different personalities mean that we get on with someone people more than others. As a manager, it’s your job to treat everyone fairly and show no bias.  

Lack of direction – The role of a manager or leader is to do just that, to lead and manage a team, and get the best out of them. A manager who doesn’t step up and provide guidance and direction is not a good manager. Employees want to know they have someone they can look up to and learn from.

Hopefully lots of these pointers will be things you are already doing, but perhaps there will be a couple of points in here that have started to slide over the years. If you think you might be a bad boss, it’s always worth speaking to your own management and asking for further training in how best to lead a team.

Zara Lilleycrop

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