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Cyber Security

Keeping your workplace safe from breaches in security online is something we are all responsible for and it should be at the forefront of our minds while we are working. Cyber attacks are becoming more common and more sophisticated in a bid to gain information, being aware of this means you’re already ahead of the game and applying some really simple ground rules can help your business avoid a breach in cyber security.


Don’t leave your passwords lying around! I’m sure we are guilty of this one – we might have twenty different passwords for different programmes, but writing them all in the front of your notebook and popping in your top drawer is not the smartest way to remember them! There are programmes that can encrypt passwords for you, or use fingerprint recognition on your phone to store the passwords. Regardless, if you HAVE to write these passwords down, make sure they are somewhere nobody else can access!

Passwords should be changed regularly, and contain a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Don’t be tempted to use the same password you would at home for your work programmes. Some of the websites you use at home may not have the safest password security, and hackers will target these knowing that they can use this password for more secure sites you use in the workplace!

Lock your computer

If you’re getting up to make a cuppa or nip to the loo, LOCK your computer. Don’t leave it unlocked and walk away thinking it’ll only take 5 minutes – particularly if you are in a large office with lots of people you wouldn’t necessarily recognise coming and going. It doesn’t take long at all for someone to break their way into a workplace and target unlocked unattended computers!


Make sure your updates are left to run on your computer systems, lots of people suggest leaving your computer on overnight (and locked of course) to enable computers to run their necessary security updates overnight and therefore not disrupt work during the day. It can be a pain if you see an update notification keep popping up on your screen, but delaying it updates could mean your computer system is left vulnerable – and trust me, if you’re hacked that’s way more annoying!

Shared Drives

Saving all of your work to the cloud offers a number of advantages – firstly you can access that information wherever you are, whenever you are. Secondly, if your computer decides to make its way under the wheels of a car, or get left behind under a pub table on a Friday night, then all your precious documents are not in the hands of the wrong person. They are secure, password protected, and you’ve not lost them!


Make sure everyone is clued up on what a phishing email is and ensure that staff know to approach their IT team to check if they’re ever in doubt of whether an email is genuine or not. Phishing emails can look ridiculously genuine these days, so it’s a very easy trap to fall into. Reminding members of staff to look out for – dodgy look email addresses, spelling mistakes, undue pressure etc can really help to avoid 100 members of the team clicking on a link and compromising the businesses IT security!

Zara Lilleycrop

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