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Midlife crisis or career change?

Considering a midlife career change?

If you are sat at your desk contemplating how short life is and weighing up the pros and cons of a midlife career change, then you are not alone. A growing number of people change their careers more than once in their lifetime; we are going to look at this is in more detail to help you make an informed decision.

We spend a lot of hours at work right? Sometimes more hours than we are able to spend with our own family and friends. So, getting the right career that presses all the right buttons is vitally important. What might be a priority for one person, may not be quite so important to another. For example, I know people that need their career to pay enough to allow themselves to travel the globe, drive fast cars, drink the finest wine – but all this comes at a cost of course, and that is usually paid in time and pressure! I also know people whose priority is the time they get with their families, they need a career that can work around their lifestyle, and of course, the cost of this may well be the salary you take home.

I believe that by understanding what is important to you as a person will enable you to make a decision that is right for you long term. Really spend some time thinking about what your priorities are in life. Nothing is right or wrong, we are all different, and we all have things that are important to us and keep us going.

There are a number of pros about a change of career late on in life. Firstly, you have a confidence now that you wouldn’t have had early on in your working life. You’ve met new people, you’ve gained experience, you’ve learned new talents and for many people it can take a number of years to know what you really want to do for a career. Being more sure of yourself happens with age, and this can be true of your career too. People work for far longer these days with the retirement age seemingly further and further away all the time, so a change at the age of 40 still leaves you with a LOT of years left working to carve out your new career (that was meant to sounds positive, but does sound a little depressing haha!). Skills you gain in one career are often transferable to another career with some careful wording so you may have a better chance of bagging that dream role than you think.

I believe the main disadvantage of changing your career when you are older is that you often have more responsibilities – a mortgage, partners, and children to think about, so to start a new career from the bottom rung of the ladder which often involves salary cuts is not always possible financially. This is something that of course will need to be taken in consideration.

There are a number of reasons that people may suddenly decide on a career change that are valid, but perhaps not enough to warrant a complete change of career. A boss that you don’t get on with for example – this can make you feel like you hate your entire career, but often this isn’t the case. Try and think why you want to leave your current position and have a complete change…. Is it because of one person? If so, then perhaps consider a change on company rather than a change of career. Don’t waste your talent and years of experience because you don’t get on with one individual. Before jumping ship completely, make sure you do your homework, you don’t want to get several months down the line and deeply regret the move!

Zara Lilleycrop

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