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Workplace Distractions

Do you find yourself at the beginning of the day with a to do list as long as your arm and realise that you’ve achieved very little by the end of the day? Lots of us are guilty of procrastinating and getting easily distracted when we’ve so much to do. We’ve taken a little look at ways in which we can help ourselves get on with the task in hand and not become distracted. There are of course an endless list of distractions throughout our day, but we’ve narrowed down what we believe are the six most prominent distractions, and how to eliminate them.

Phones – Our phones are probably the biggest distraction we have, with notifications for WhatsApp, Facebook, Insta, Twitter, and numerous other apps constantly pinging up on your phone. And the urge to just “pop in” and check your messages and notifications is usually too great to resist. We all know that social media can be addictive, with seventy two percent of online adults using it, with the average user spending 23 hours a week! The clever thing about phones is that you can set them to “do not disturb” modes, where you can limit the notifications you receive – taking away the temptation for you to quickly scroll through your WhatsApp messages or check how many likes the picture of your puppy got on Insta this morning! 

The Internet – With the whole world at our finger tips, it’s no wonder we are easily distracted by the internet. Want to know the current exchange rate for your holiday in a few weeks? You open up a browser…want to know the weather for a weeks time? You open up a browser…Want to know the best recipe for tonight’s lasagne? You open up a browser. Being able to access this whole world of information can be such a distraction, so it’s going to take a level of self-control for you to have set browsing time. Make sure you allow yourself a little time to browse the internet during your lunchbreak, and perhaps have a list in front of you of things you’d like to look up when you get a chance.

People – People are a huge distraction in the workplace. How many times have you been in the middle of something and Jane from HR pops over to ask you how your weekend was? Of course, it’s brilliant to catch up, but when you’re on a roll in can be very frustrating being interrupted. It’s down to you to give off clear signals as to when you’d like to have a chat. Pop some headphones in if need be. Alternatively, just be honest, say you’re in the middle of something, and that you’ll come and find them when you take a break.

Emails – Email systems are clever pieces of technology, the ability to set rules to autofile your emails can be super helpful. I think we’ve probably all been victim of a “reply-all” email thread where we’ve been copied in for reference and have then received 500 irrelevant emails that ping into our inbox over a couple days causing untold distractions. Rules can help to filter these emails out.

Clutter – A tidy desk is a tidy mind as they say. Removing clutter, filing away paperwork, taking dirty mugs to the kitchen are all worthwhile spending a little time on a day. You’ll make the time back ten-fold in your efficiency. Some people are naturally tidier than others, but if you find yourself buried under “stuff” at your desk, and are struggling to focus or find anything, it’s definitely worth putting the effort into keeping things clean.

To Do List – If you are easily distracted, having a to-do list can really help you to prioritise what you need to get done. I certainly know that when I’ve a lot on my plate and lots to get finished I am far less efficient if I haven’t got a list. Putting your tasks down in writing makes it simpler and more manageable rather than feeling overwhelmed with everything you’ve got to get done. And lets be honest – there is something really quite satisfying in physically ticking something off a list!

Zara Lilleycrop

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