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I have consistently recruited through, and been recruited by Profile Personnel.

Profile specialise in what we’d call "the right fit" and that’s why they’re our preferred supplier of Shipping staff.

Carefully assessing not only the Client's technical needs but also personal considerations of both the employer and employee.

Professional, personal and considered as THE Shipping recruitment specialist, by those in the know....

James, Import Operations Manager, (Global)


We’ve previously looked at the importance of employees making a good first impression and trying to enjoy their first day in a new job, but we’ve not yet looked...
More than 1.5 million of the UK’s workforce regularly working from home and this figure is set to increase over the next couple of years....
A guest blog this week from CV Library - with some helpful advice on creating a perfect career plan.
Lots of businesses have summer parties but you’d probably be surprised by the amount that don’t....
Probably by the time I’ve completed this blog and posted it, it’ll be cold grey and wet and the I’ll regret my blog topic of choice, but nonetheless I shall rem...
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Telephone: 01322 389 111

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